Pioneering a New Wave Folk movement, GALLOWS GHOST create a focused and brilliantly clear vision of folk inspiration refracted through a kaleidoscopic electronica lens.

Vibrant and anthemic in a way few musicians can muster, Kate Young’s intoxicating voice thrives in a backdrop of booming beats and fist-pumping synths. Packed with widescreen cinematic guitars, rousing orchestral strings and celestial vocal harmonies their unique live performances leave crowds spellbound.

GALLOWS GHOST do their own myth making; Meticulously pairing action packed sonic intensity with narrative ambition - stories filled with enchantment, soaring strings, vivid guitars, and euphoric electronics… entwined in an irrepressible rush. These are songs you can take in quickly, but spend a life time devouring.

“Driving, sweeping and glamorously cinematic music”
Clash Music

"Gallows Ghost have a very different sound, sitting somewhere between electro, rock and pop, there is flair aplenty and are a band worth looking out for"
Glasswerk Magazine